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Sponsors and Support
Season Sponsors The Umbrella Club Donate to the Theater


Elemental Landscapes

The Butler's Antiques and Uniques
2221 8th Avenue, Fort Worth 76110

Donna French - Graphic Designer

Sponsors with donations of $1000 or more

Impact Signs & Graphics

University of Texas at Arlington

Mammamia Italian Grill
Just a Sprinkle? - $75.00
Two complimentary tickets to one production, and program recognition.

A Summer Rain? - $76.00 - $149.00
Three complimentary tickets to one production, and program recognition.

A Rainstorm? - $150.00 - $499.00
Two complimentary tickets to two productions, program recognition and a Pantagleize Umbrella.

A Tempest? - $500.00 - $999.00
Two complimentary tickets to four productions, program recognition, and a Pantagleize Umbrella.

Severe Weather Alert! - $1000.00 and up
Two complimentary tickets to all productions and one special event for an entire season, special program recognition, and a Pantagleize Umbrella.

Become a Playbill or Web Advertiser

  • Inside Cover Full page:  $100.00
  • Back Page Full:  $75.00
  • Full page:  $55.00
  • Half page:  $45.00
  • Quarter page:  $35.00
  • Business card size:  $25.00
  • 2 Line Ad Line/Family Best Wish:  $5.00
  • For additional $10.00 you may add a business card size ad to our web site for run of show
  • If you choose to run on the web site only, cost of business card ad is $40.00 for run of show (Ad has to be no larger than 250px wide x 125px tall and in digital format. No set up fee. No hidden cost.)

Pantagleize Theatre Company is a nonprofit 501 c 3 organization, so all gifts, whether cash or in kind are tax deductible. Pantagleize is always looking for corporate sponsors, to support one show, or two, or an entire season. We have several levels of giving available to both sponsors and donors. Please contact us for information. We need your help to keep this unique young theatre company up and running.

Did you know that Pantagleize has lots of space to rent to organizations and individuals for programs, meetings, and special events? Contact us for access to the most pleasant venue in Fort Worth.

Pantagleize Theatre Company exists because of the generous support of patrons like you. The cost of producing theatre always far exceeds the ticket price attending patrons pay. The difference is made up by private donations large and small. By donating to Pantagleize, you are joining a community of committed supporters who believe in our mission and wish to see high-quality theatre continue in Texas. Thank you for your support.

We are looking for corporate entities or individuals who would like to sponsor specific plays. A contribution of $600, pays a royalty; a contribution of $1,000 pays the royalty and the electricity. a contribution of over $1,000 pays for sets, actors, musicians, costumes--all the good things that go into making a play. A contribution of $2,000 or more is considered full sponsorship.



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